Starting up my blog

Sadly to admit that in the 21st century this is the first time I’ve ever created a blog. I’m feeling quite out of touch with technology at the moment!!
Its my 4th week studying Fine Art in Cardiff Metropolitan University (at least I think its my fourth week, its all gone past really quickly and its amazing how much has changed in such a short space of time), but  I can honestly say that going to university has been one of the best decisions I have made. I have met so many interesting people, learnt so much already and feel my brain being stretched in so many new directions.
As part of our studies, we have all been asked to keep a blog alongside our briefs, lectures and projects – just keeping up to date with how the different areas of studies are developing  – documenting what I am doing, contextualising and supporting the work I create and tracking my response to what I am learning in lectures and research. A reflective journal, but whilst saving the trees!
So this is it really, my blog beginnings, lets give it a go.


One thought on “Starting up my blog”

  1. Can Naini have her bag back when you have finished with it! But seriously the blog looks really informative and we look forward to following your progress. Well done!


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