Starting the project

The theme that we were all given as a fine art group was ‘Outside/Inside’, from this starting point I began to consider various subjects that I could explore. I began to consider the idea of ‘identity’ but exploring when an individuals internal sense of identity begins to change (as a result of a condition such as dementia), yet physically and externally they remain disaffected. As I began to look into this idea of identity I came across an interesting article entitled ‘Women with dementia and their handbags: Negotiating identity, privacy and ‘home’ through material culture’ written by Christina Buse and Julia Twigg, this really fascinated me and I intend to respond to the ideas present in this article. Investigating how to visualise ‘the materialisation of an interior breakdown’, exploring the growth in the importance of handbags, shoes, clothing and other objects when an individual begins to lose their privacy, memories and internal sense of self.

Here are few sketches that I did to get started.

IMG_20141022_165720 IMG_20141022_165702 IMG_20141022_165656IMG_20141022_171936 IMG_20141022_165354

Alongside my practical work there is obviously a need for contextualization – both through exploring practitioners and theories linked with the work I am creating. As well as my blog I will be keeping a hand written journal with updates and critiques of what I am doing. I will also be developing a pinterest board with images from artists that I am looking at. The pinterest board address is:


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