Friday Drawing Workshop – Frank Auerbach and pemtimento

Today we had a really interesting Friday drawing workshop focused on the portrait work of Frank Auerbach, I have looked at his work before but not ever explored his way of working fully, so today was a brilliant opportunity to do this. We were instructed to complete a series of quick, expressive drawings overlaying one another. Each time we had completed a drawing within the time limit, we were instructed to knock it back with our hands and then complete another quick drawing on top. As it started to develop, we began to use colour and rubbers to add depth.

This is the development of the drawing that I did.
IMG_20141114_102822 IMG_20141114_103131 IMG_20141114_103544 IMG_20141114_103846 IMG_20141114_104129 IMG_20141114_105053 IMG_20141114_105735 IMG_20141114_110125 IMG_20141114_112851 IMG_20141114_113723 IMG_20141114_120124

I enjoyed this drawing process and am fairly pleased with the result, although reviewing the work now I feel that perhaps the process was more effective than the outcome. I think looking at the development of the work is of more interst than the final piece which I feel ended up being a lot more restrictive and less expressive than I intended. Overall, however it was a successful workshop and is a process that I can definitely see myself bringing in to the way I work.


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