Traces and rubbings

As part of my exploration of the boundaries of identity, I have begun experimenting with the way I can represent an object through traces and imprints. I used the objects, taken from the original handbag dissection and imprinted them onto paper. Exploring whether I could capture the presence and essence of the objects without them being there. I found this to actually be an effective process. I think they were successful pieces that visualise the idea of a ambiguous identity, like that explored in the work of Guston, creating something that is simultaneously present and strangely absent. I would like to further experiment with this way of working.

IMG_20141114_132516 IMG_20141114_132503 IMG_20141114_132623 IMG_20141114_132532 IMG_20141114_132527 IMG_20141114_132523
IMG_20141114_132831 IMG_20141114_132928


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