Richard Tuttle

The work of Richard Tuttle has become of real interest to me whilst exploring this theme. His piece ‘8th Paper Octagonal’ has always interested me when I saw it in the Tate Modern last year, and it is now something that has begun to inform the work I am creating in this project. This very simple, minimalistic piece is fascinating in the way that it plays with our perception. Its physical presence is very much real and yet within the space it occupies it is very easily overlooked, it sits silently on the wall holding a strange and empty identity – something that I think again resonates with ideas of dementia and identity (or a lack of).

(8th paper octagonal)

This is the piece I am paying particular attention to however here are some other pieces of his work, demonstrating the minimalist style that he adopts.

Richard Tuttle, Type: LRichard Tuttle. Letters (The Twenty-Six Series). 1966 Richard Tuttle. 1975 #64. 1975Richard Tuttle. When Pressure Exceeds Weight I. 2012

Richard Tuttles minimalist style of working is something that I am attempting to explore in the paper embossing that I am experimenting with – trying to capture a sense of the presence of something, without the actual ‘something’ being at all present.


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