Study Skills

Thursday 27th of November was the last day of our first term study skills rotations, these study skills sessions have been really beneficial in enabling us to better understand the ways of thinking, analyzing and writing that will useful for all areas both practical and theoretical of our studies.

On the 20th of November we had a session on academic writing and referencing, this will come in handy in particular when completing my essay on the controversy of the baby cage.It was helpful to have a reminder on how to layout and reference an essay properly as its been a while since I last wrote one! In this session we were asked to read the introduction of a past essay in groups and following this summarise the main points into a short paragraph – this I found to be particularly handy as I often struggle writing short pieces, and with the 500 word essay due soon it was a good chance to practise this necessary skill.

Our final study skills session last Thursday was really interesting and I have taken a lot from this session that I can bring forward to into my everyday practise. It was called ‘approaches to analysing visual and material culture’, its aim was to teach us how to analyse and break down an image before considering theoretical links, in order that we may better understand how to read art pieces. We learnt this through the system of ‘Caths Columns’, which taught us to break down an image by firstly describing the various components, then analysing the connotations that each component had before then having to research evidence in support of these claims. We put this into practise by analysing the imagery used in three of the James Bond movie posters – it was fascinating to unpick each individual element of these posters, and realising the social significance of each part of the imagery – this fully allowed us to understand the system and I am most definitely going to be using this when analysing imagery in the future – this session has made a massive impact to the way I approach images, I have found this session one of the most beneficial.


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