Painting work

I have been responding to the ‘handbag parts’ through paint, exploring further the use of printing from paintings – but also looking to create more representational pieces. I enjoyed doing these pieces, however I am not sure whether to take them forward further. The representational paintings aren’t adding anything to the concept or imagery being focused on, and although I think the isolation of the handbag components and the grouping of them works well, I think that this may be stronger kept as a collection of objects – rather than a painting of objects. The prints were interesting to explore in color, but again I think that I prefer the black and white paintings that I did earlier on in the project.

This piece (below) is my favourite painting piece so far, and so I think I will put this forward as part of the formative assessment.


This piece is a further development of the earlier prints of paintings that I did in the project, but I feel it has more form and a stronger composition to the works that I was producing beforehand. Through the abstraction of the objects, I hope to remove the viewer from the original source of the imagery (the actual handbag) and create a sense of distance, hopefully reflecting in some way the distance dementia puts between a person and familiarity. I am not certain that this piece will be used for definite in the final assessment, and I recognise that it is not a fully developed outcome, but I will propose it for the formative assessment and discuss feedback with the tutors.


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