Llandaff cemetery

As a starting point for my project I walked around part of Llandaff cemetery, documenting some of the graves.

IMG_20150120_144912 IMG_20150120_144928 IMG_20150120_145041 IMG_20150120_145110 IMG_20150120_145139 IMG_20150120_145147 IMG_20150120_145315 IMG_20150120_145337

Visiting the cemetery allowed me to consider the unity of all these people, of different ages, different time eras from different places in one area of land, lying side by side one another. What perhaps I found particularly interesting, maybe even upsetting, was the various conditions in which the graves had been kept – some were clean, untarnished, commemorated with flowers, whilst others lay hidden in ivy and brambles, cracked and broken – forgotten. I wondered who these people were, their hidden narratives and stories, their families and friends, and how it seems that their only mark now on the world was being slowly reclaimed by the ground.

I’m not quite sure how I can transfer this into visuals as yet, but will be considering this idea of hidden narratives, forgotten people and hidden histories.


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