Initial research into artists

I have begun to investigate the way that artists have approached the city, hopefully some of their work will help me to develop my own ideas in relation to the topic.

Diana Cooper – Swarm (2003-2007)

This installation provides an interesting insight into the movement of a city. It incorporates some of the key features of a living city, not only its movements but its barriers also. The contrasting shapes capture the busyness of a city, while its monochrome seems to me to reflect the possible ‘coldness’ that a city can give off.

Toba Khedoori

Toba Khedoori




Toba Khedoorikhedoori-19

Toba Khedoori records simple everyday objects and situations (largely those that could be seen in ‘the city’) and displays them in the centre of a large, stark piece of paper. The centrality of the images, coupled with the starkness of the paper and the muted, dark nature of the drawings, create a sense of isolation and loneliness which may perhaps offer a parallel to the nature of urban life and landscape.

Rachel Whiteread

Rachel Whiteread

rachel whiteread

Rachel Whiteread ‘Mausoleum Under Construction’, 1992 © Rachel WhitereadRachel Whiteread ‘Study (Blue) for 'Floor'’, 1992 © Rachel Whiteread

Rachel Whiteread ‘B: Clapton Park Estate, Mandeville Street, London E5; Bakewell Court; Repton Court; March 1995’, 1996 © Rachel WhitereadRachel Whiteread ‘A: Clapton Park Estate, Mandeville Street, London E5; Ambergate Court; Norbury Court; October 1993’, 1996 © Rachel Whiteread

Rachel Whiteread’s work focuses on materiality and construction/destruction. She highlights objects and buildings giving them a stand alone identity and an almost a human like form and narrative. The deconstruction, isolation and demolition elements of the work highlight that which is overlooked, taken for granted and ignored when read as part of the large set of details within the city.

Luc Tuyman

Luc Tuymans polaroid paintings Luc TuymanLuc Tuymans. "Zoo." 2011. Oil on canvas

Luc Tuyman’s muted painting style creates a melancholy angle on details within the city. Tuyman distances us from the images with dull colours and a lack of description, creating a very cold and dark feel to his paintings. This lends itself to the truth that he attempts to highlight, using these simplistic, minimal everyday images as metaphors for more darker themes.


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