Close ups of the city

I have started to think of the elements of the city that are overlooked, ignored and go unexamined. I began to photograph and sketch various small details that have caught my I as I wonder round the city, the patterns, shapes and textures that are disregarded, but make up the detailing of the city.

IMG_20150128_181133edit IMG_20150202_142913edit



I think the photographs have been more successful than the drawings, they are simple and allow the textures and shapes to stand for themselves without any added or removed elements, although I think I would still like to use painting and drawing to record some further images – this may not be entirely necessary all the time, the photographs may easily stand alone.

The work of the Boyle family is also something I have been considering while coming up with this work. Their work ‘Earth pieces’ looks at small areas of urban details.

Boyle family - Street Study outside a School 1988.  (this is a 1:1 modelled recreation of a section of actual street)the boyle family - Google SearchBoyle Family with the Centre of Attention at Project(or) platform for current art stages at Art Rotterdam 2008car park in the rain 04 by s kmp - reminds me of the Boyle Family's artwork


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