Artists that explore the act of walking and the everyday

I have begun to explore the work of artists that look at the act of walking and navigating round their surroundings in order to inform the work that I am doing.

Davida suggested that I looked at ‘Wrights and Sites’, a group of artists and creative writers focused on exploring the relationship between people and their surroundings. Reading about their intentions and the events and performances that they put on has proved to be very insightful. . Their site specific project ‘mis- guided’ has been particularly influential, its aim to use walking as a tool to engage with the city, rather than as a tool of necessity or passive appreciation, has allowed me to consider importance of analysing and being playful with the idea of the mundane and of our surroundings, not simply being satisfied with just looking – but instead seeing the importance of engaging.

Wolfgang Tillmans –

Wolfgang Tillmans - <i>Book for Architects.</i> Two channel video installation in Elements of Architecture Central Pavilion, 14th Architecture Biennale Venice, curated by Rem KoolhaasCollection display, Fondation Beyeler, 2014

Mis)Understanding Photography - Werke und Manifeste - Museum Folkwang, Essen 14 Jun - 17 Aug 20142014 Manifesta 10, The European Biennale of Contemporary Art, St. Petersburg, Russia, 28 Jun - 31 Oct 2014

Tillman’s architectural photography, like many of the artists I have been looking at, explores the beauty of small detail – celebrating the everyday within a new context so that it may be appreciated and viewed in a way that it is not when it is hidden in amongst the movement of day to day life. He works with photographs and projected still images onto walls, in order to involve thee idea of sequence and arrangement. Projection is something that I am potentially interested in involving in my work for this project.

Jean Cardiff and George Bures Milller – 

Walking based artists whose work attempts to create an engagement between members of the public and their surroundings. Their work is interactive and often audio visual plays a large part. Their interactive walk, Jena Walk (Memory Field) 2006 is of particular interest to me. In this piece the participators are set a journey to take, and along this journey are invited to engage with events of the past through various sound effects that play in their accompanying head sets, providing them with a new perspective of their surroundings. This is just one example of many of their walks that attempt to provide a new way of engaging people more actively as theey walk around a space.

Richard Long – 

A somewhat different artists than those I have been looking at, his work still looks at how we interact and engage with our surroundings. However, his sculptural pieces focus on the way that we can directly impact our environment, exploring the direct manipulation and control that we can have over it. 7


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