Davida’s Film Project

As part of the city brief, and as well as my independent and group work, I will be participating in Davida’s video project on Tuesdays and Fridays. This project will look to explore the city, our surroundings and how we sit within our surroundings, through the use of storyboarding, video and greenscreen.

In our initial sessions we have been exploring the video work of other artists that explore habitat and the city.

It was interesting to see how differently artists had taken the theme of the city, and the broad range of ideas really prompted me to consider the bigger picture of the city and its people.

  • Petra Cortright – This artist is very different to any I have come across before. Her work explores the use of video effects to create a surrealist, quite bizarre art pieces. Most of her works are videos of her self, manipulated in a highly surreal way – I feel that this creates a rather strange relationship between her and the viewer. She offers herself to the viewer, and is the main focus, however as a result of the unnatural video editing and manipulation, her image becomes distorted and distant.
  • Richard Wentworth – Wentworth’s work has been a real foundation for the work that I have been looking at. His series ‘Making Do and getting by’ focuses our attention on the shapes and detailing of everyday objects, exploring sometimes purposeful, other times accidental situations that occur and go unnoticed. This is an idea that has been very much in the forefront of this whole project.
  • Trafalgar Square – Fourth Plinth 
  • Shana Moulton
  • Simon Fenoulhet – This artists work looks at the manipulation of everyday objects in order to create extraordinary pieces, that allow us to reconnect to ‘the mundane’ in a new way. In my mind, his work highlights that we should never underestimate the ordinary or the ignored, and that when our viewpoint is altered, we can then begin to really appreciate our surroundings. One of his most interesting pieces has also been the investigation of Cardiffs hidden network of underground tunnels, something which really connects with the theme of the ‘hidden city’
  • Francis Alys – When Faith moves mountains – This is probably one of my favourite videos that we have looked at. Although it is not really related directly to my work, I found it a strongly emotive and powerful piece about the importance of togetherness and the achievements that can be made when people come together. The piece looked at a large group of people, coming together in a desert, in front of a large sand dune.  Each individual focuses on moving the sand in front of them, eventually, the whole sand dune shifts forward.

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