Following on from the walk.

After looking at the work generated from the walk, I found that the most successful element was actually the footage of the floor that I had taken on the way to the location. Although the exercise as a whole was beneficial in allowing me to be mindful of a part of the city, the strongest visual element of this exercise I found to be the long video just focusing downward on the floor. It was interesting to focus in on the ground – something we walk over without really noticing, small details that we move so quickly away from as we manouvre round the city.

I would like this video footage to become the main focus of my work, however, as a video I am not sure what I can do with it in terms of creating an art piece. Something that has also come to mind is that the walk that I had filmed was randomly generated – this was an interesting way of moving around the city, however I think that perhaps a walk that I am familiar with is a better way to look closely at small detail and to practise mindfulness. If I look at an area that I walk everyday and instead of just walking it actually focus on its small details, then the work will become more personal and relevant to my understanding of the overlooked. It should allow me to familiarise myself with the small details I pass by everyday, but largely pay no attention to.

My intention is to explore the walk I take nearly everyday between Plas Gwyn halls and the university campus, filming and focusing in on the floor and its detail.


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