Video Projection and drawing.

I went about videoing the floor whilst journeying through Llandaff, from university back to halls, filming and focusing on the ground in front of me. This was an interesting exercise that further allowed me to engage more thoroughly in something that I would generally overlook. I was pleased with how this video had turned out, although it was a very simple video, I felt keeping it basic and untouched -with no editing or effects added- was an important part of its concept. I still wondered however, whether this was strong enough to stand alone as a video piece, I didn’t feel that it was. I came to the decision that as a final outcome it would be lacking both visually and somewhat conceptually – I felt instead that I could use it to inform a new piece of work.

Discussing this with Davida and then with the film technician, I began to consider the idea of working on a drawing of this video. The idea of back projecting the video onto paper, and then incorporating the variety of shapes, textures, colours and patterns on the floor as they passed by on the video began to interest me. I felt this to be an interesting way to explore the overlooked detail captured within the video. The film technician helped me to set up a projector and a hanging frame with paper attached.



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