Progress of our group work

Myself and two others from my tutor group have been working on a collaborative painting, collage and sound piece – inspired by the work of Robert Rauschenberg. We wanted to capture his playful approach, focusing on the small details, colours and shapes of our everyday environment.

Our aim was to investigate the overwhelming amount of information present in a city, and focus it all into one collaborative piece that explores the overlooked detail of one concentrated area within the city. As well as this visual piece, it was suggested that an accompanying sound track of sounds of the city would allow us to further develop this idea of the hidden city – the city that is passed through and often ignored.

We considered the work of Janet Cardiff for the audio, thinking about how her audio walks offer a new perspective on a common place. Although our work would not been interactive in the same way that her work is, we felt that the use of audio would add an element that further brought forward this idea of overlooked information.

Development of piece:

1461390_10152531396135771_9100286844338431505_n 10991372_10152531396180771_7188217104371294077_n10959774_10152531396305771_7722826459003234009_n IMG_20150217_133524 IMG_20150220_171846

I have never really worked in this way, or in this kind of style before, and so it was interesting to be able to free up a little bit and focus on exploring aesthetic, colour and shape so intensely. I feel that it is an interesting take, and a new way of looking at the city – really allowing colours, shapes and patterns to speak for themselves, highlighting the intensity of information within a city by rearranging and exaggerating its elements in order to create a new view of the everyday.


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