Final piece from our group work

On Monday we presented our collaborative piece to the rest of our group and our tutor. The mixed media piece that we created was overall a success, I think that aesthetically it came together well. The colours and textures sat together well, and I feel that the intensity of the image reflected our original concept quite well. It was a busy piece, which was our intention, and although overall it worked well, there were areas that perhaps could have been reviewed a bit more thoroughly and addressed. For example, some places where the photographs were stuck alongside areas of painted texture – the difference in materials stood out and seemed rather separate.


The audio worked well alongside the image, however on reflection we definitely should have prepared this element of the work more thoroughly as the audio cut off as we were first showing it. We should have more thoroughly prepared this area of our piece. Another element that should have been better considered was the placement of the final piece, we had not really considered where would be best to display the final piece for assessment, and so when asked to we had to make do with the corner of the studio – by the sink and the recycling bin (perhaps not the best choice!!), better planning on this part would have benefited us. We intend to photograph the piece again in a better suited space.


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