Final pieces for Davida’s film group

After completing the initial drawing of the film (just a trial run), I booked out the photography studio the following week and spent a Wednesday working on two more final pieces. It was a very rewarding day, I successfully finished the two to a point that I am now happy with them, and also happy that they actually go well as a pair.

I am really pleased with how these pieces have turned out. I think that they are quite strong, bold images that effectively illustrate the overlooked pattern of city floors. They are a lot different, I feel, to the original drawing I did, and although I am also pleased with the original one – it does not work well along side these. The drawings above feel a lot more controlled and organised than the original piece, something that I feel is more successful visually. They are quite simple, depicting the basic structures and patterns that have solely been picked up from watching the floor.




For the assessment I did display them on the floor, side by side with a projection of the original video above. I unfortunately didn’t take a picture of them set up like this as it was put up and taken away quite quickly – I hope to try this again so that I may photograph it properly. The decision to display them on the floor was intentional, I found them actually to be more effective placed in this way, the perspective of the drawings seemed more natural and familiar when on the floor. Although it perhaps was lost from a distance – and in this way would have been better on the wall, but up close the positioning of the drawings on the floor provided a familiarity of the everyday detail that we take in visually but do not necessarily process consciously. Hopefully this concentration of information, highlighted in a bold way, will illustrate the fascinating patterns that we pass by so quickly each day.

I do think that these pieces do have room for more development though. I would be interested in taking these images and further develop them into paintings – either turning the whole drawings or sections of them, into abstract paintings.


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