Multidisciplinary group work

Today was our first day in larger field groups, it was so interesting to start working with people from the other discipline areas of the art school – everyone’s different attitudes, styles and ideas merging together for collaborative work. Our group started with an introduction to the importance of collaborative work in order to enrich our own practice, understanding of our own disciplines – the importance of reaching out of others in order to more effectively reach into ourselves for ideas.

We took part in a number of team activities, but our main outcome for today was a collage that we worked on in groups of 4. Our initial task was to get into pairs and collect images corresponding to 5 words we were each given.

My words:

  • Linear
  • Stereotypes
  • Youth
  • Fun
  • Walking

Our pair was then joined with another and collaboratively we worked on a collage with a mixture of all of our images.

wpid-img_20150302_153048.jpgOur predominant themes seemed to be ‘order and chaos’ and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. It turned into quite a humorous poster, exploring disorder within society with some sattire. It was interesting allowing the imagery to form a larger narrative – that of the chaos and disruption that is evident in all societies and especially within urban environments. Another underlying theme was that of reconstructing and reconsidering the ordinary, something that myself and another group member were exploring in our independent research,  in order to highlight its extra ordinariness. These are ideas that we will carry forward to our group tutorials and project proposals in tomorrow’s session.


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