After beginning to research propaganda, I have begun to understand how lethal it can be – and also how it is evident in todays society. From the research I have done, I understand propaganda to be a form of communication used to change public opinion and ideologies. This change in opinion is beneficial for a particular institution, individual or set of people – those at the source of the propaganda. In addition to this – the propagandist does not always believe that the opinion and ideologies that they are transmitting are actually correct, but are often just advantageous to their particular cause.

Our group member Zuzanna is from Poland and has been able to share her understanding of the propaganda that occurred in her home country, linking to the propaganda in soviet Russia. Our discussions on propaganda and a trip taken to the Tate Modern in London has led us to research into the propaganda posters used by Soviet Russia in the early 20th century – we have looked at the Russian constructivist movement adopted during the Russian socialist revolution. Here are a number of posters and artists that we are considering throughout this 4 week project.

El Lissitzky 

el lissitzky El Lissitzky painting.  Mother(El Lissitzky) - (Fotothing, 2013) El Lissitzky. Study for a page of the book "Of Two Squares:  A Suprematist Tale in Six Constructions". (1920)

Klazimir Malevich 

Kasimir Malevich, 'Suprematism', c. 1917Kazimir Severinovich Malevich - Google SearchSuprematism by Kazimir Malevich (1916)


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