Developing a direction

After doing some individual research on propaganda, advertising, communism and capitalism we met up again as a group to develop a clear idea and intention that we could begin to focus on.

Our field group tutors are encouraging us to be ambitious with our intentions, emphasizing the importance of using this project as a chance to address important and large scale issues affecting the city of Cardiff and society as a whole. As a result of this, our theme has moved slightly away from hidden city – there are elements that still relate, for example the highlighting of hidden tools that societies use to control their people, but on the whole we have decided to look to make a social comment on the crossovers between a communist society and a capitalist society.

Our intention – To use the stylistic approach of totalitarian and communist propaganda seen in the early 20th century, combined with the advertising and values of a late 20th century/early 21st century capitalist cities such as Cardiff, in order to illustrate the systems of control evident in both societies.

(Our research into propaganda has led us to focus on soviet Russia over North Korea – mainly as a result of the artwork we have found related to soviet Russia.)


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