Responding to the images of Cardiff

As a group we decided to allocate certain roles to each member of the group – in our group are two Graphics Design students and two Fine Art students, as a Fine Art student we agreed that I could go about creating some images that could be included in the Poster design. Whilst the Graphics students’ focused on the logo design, colour schemes, and propose some layout ideas. Here are some of the drawings that I came up with.

I also explored how these images, combined with things that I have observed about advertising and propaganda, could be used to create posters/adverts within their own right. I don’t expect these to be used as final pieces but I was just experimenting with the crossovers between imagery found in a capitalist society and the style and messaging associated with propaganda. Although, the advertising slogans that I had come across during my brief researching into advertising around Cardiff – actually demonstrated some similarities, at least in the subliminal messaging, with the propaganda.

The bottom row of images were points of reference for the top row. The Russian propaganda poster in the centre of bottom row translates as ‘In order to have more you have to produce more. In order to produce more you have to know more’.

To be honest, I don’t feel that this exploration of imagery has been thorough in the slightest. Our limited time was something that I feel definitely was restrictive in the amount that I could explore. This way of working is not the way I usually approach projects, and with more time I would have felt a lot happier if I were able to expand on this quite small group of images. Although, in themselves I feel that as drawings they are fairly successful, they definitely are not a result of thorough research which I would normally challenge myself to do in other projects. As a result of this I am somewhat disappointed. However – it is not these drawings that are the final pieces, these are to be a contribution to the end piece of the poster. Our next step therefore will be to combine our individual areas of research and work together to create the end piece.


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