Some sideline work in response to the group work

Having researched into a number of Russian constructivist artists, I have become really interested in their style of working and wanted to do some of my own work in response to this. Although this work will not be directly included in the final piece itself, I do think it will enable me to better understand the way in which the Russian constructivist artists worked – which will hopefully generate some inspiration as to how we can approach the designing of the end piece.

With these images I have played around briefly with the ideas of capitalism and government, but have more particularly looked at representing places in Cardiff through the style of Russian Constructivism. The images are made in reference to some of the earlier pictures I have taken of places in Cardiff. I found it really interesting to apply this way of working, and although I acknowledge they may not mirror exactly Constructivist art, I have really enjoyed engaging with this movement as a point of reference.


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