Final piece

We have been working on a final piece for our Field presentation, and have finally produced a poster that we intend to print out onto size A2 poster paper. In our final piece we looked to highlight the hidden ideologies and messages existing in Cardiff, and by referring to the style of Russian propaganda posters, draw attention to how this messaging could be considered to parallel somewhat with places of communist influences. Our aim with this piece was not necessarily a critique of either Capitalism or Communism, but instead we intended to highlight the extent to which both systems are similar in their desire to influence the minds and understandings of the people living within them. One system doing so through overt propaganda, the other through the perhaps more subliminal method of advertising (also towards the end, one of the group members began to consider how nationalistic ideologies could be considered to be another element of hidden meaning throughout the city of Cardiff and so we decided to make some reference to this in the poster).

bhfk (1)


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