Reflecting on the multidisciplinary project, proposal and presentation…

I think that overall this project has been successful – it has definitely been beneficial to mix with and learn from students from other disciplines, and I do think I have learnt a lot from this experience.

The emphasis at the beginning of this three week project was to actively engage in a social issue or general issue affecting our city. With this in mind, I do think that we thoroughly engaged in a strong concept that investigated and brought light to the sort of hidden ideologies in capitalism that parallel with communist tactics of messaging. We were enthusiastic and ambitious in the topic that wished to engage with – however our failure to take into account the time limitations meant that our final piece and presentation, in my opinion, didn’t thoroughly engage with the message we wished to deliver.Our end piece I think is fairly successful considering the time frame we created it in, however I do feel that more time should have gone into considering layouts and the actual placement of the imagery and text on the poster.  The process of generating and meeting a proposal has been a really interesting experience.  We were thoroughly engaged in what we wanted to achieve, however I’m not sure if we actually achieved this in as much depth creatively in terms of a final presentation and piece. The presentation was a little bit rough around the edges as we had each prepared some sort of sideline work in support of the actual piece, but hadn’t considered quite how to relate it all together. So when presenting, it did seem quite an organised and not cohesive.Hopefully the beginnings of the project and the ideas at play within it, were able to prompt some kind of response in the members of the wider group that watched our presentation.


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