Handbag – a biography (photographs)

This is some of the work that I did exploring the handbag content as a biography of a person with dementia – it was more of a personal response to specifically my own grandmothers handbag content. I think this work has the potential to grow into a successful piece of work, however I am beginning to realise that it needs a lot more consideration, research and exploration if I was to propose it as a final piece. I discussed this with my tutor Chris, and we discussed the risk that it would possibly be to put this forward as a finished piece – considering that the majority of the preparatory work that I have done is looking towards using the handbag as a metaphor rather than as literal. Although I do think this idea could be taken further with more expansive exploration and research, the limited time I have left means that this could be put forward as a potential for future exploration, but that the ideas and work I have done in response to handbag as metaphor is far more established and realised than this.

I have now begun to consider the possibility of looking to a installation piece, but making reference to the pieces of handbag rather than the content. This is what I will now be looking to develop and establish.


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