Zips and Clasps – Final Outcome 2

For my second final outcome (my first being the installation), I have decided to create drawings of clasps and zips, as this is the area of the work that I feel has been the strongest. I have been inspired by the work of Lisa Milroy and have decided to use a collection of images of zips, clasps and buttons from handbag, and present them together as a series of drawings. These pieces will be done with white pencil/chalk on black paper, from the drawings that I have done this seems to me to be the most aesthetically strong. Also, it makes reference to the anonymity of the background and the highlighting of objects as I have seen in Milroy’s work. I wanted to produce drawings that weren’t bold as stand alone drawings, but fairly delicate cold drawings that look to isolate the symbol of security represented by these objects. I felt this was achieved quite well with simple black and white images working as individual drawings and as a collective set of objects following the same narrative of ‘security’.

Here are the drawings that I have been doing.


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