Summary of the Field Project

The field project has been really interesting to undertake – working with other students has been an eye opening experience, both enriching and challenging. Our brief was city and we were to work on our own research, create an interdisciplinary response and then a multidisciplinary response.

I became interested in exploring the ‘hidden city’ and my individual area of research was the overlooked details of the floors of a city, I began researching this through the recording of walks through the city. I then undertook a video project with Davida and explored ‘hidden city’ through the use of video projection which I then produced large scale layered drawings from.

We then began to work on interdisciplinary group projects, myself, Charlotte Davis and Victoria McLeod-Periton worked together as a group of three and continued to research into ‘the hidden city’. We were exploring, similarly to my own personal research area, the hidden details of a city – but looked to one particular area of the city, exploring the details that surrounded us. We wanted to create a busy piece, that concentrated the colour, pattern, imagery and sound of a small area of the city in order to highlight the amount of information that presents itself to us within a city. We worked in quite a playful way, allowing ourselves to be free in the way that we presented the imagery – I worked in a way that I don’t usually work and really enjoyed producing the outcome.

The biggest challenge of the field project was probably the multidisciplinary group work that we undertook. We were encouraged to engage in a challenge area and the emphasis was put on the response that we wanted to achieve through our work. As a group we became interested in exploring hidden agencies of power within a city, comparing a capitalist city like Cardiff with historic communist areas such as Russia.

We researched into the nature of advertising and propaganda, exploring how the two can be seen to crossover. We researched the work of propaganda artists working in communist Russia and explored how the messages underlying the propaganda posters and advertisements we found around Cardiff could easily be paralleled in terms of their promotion of an ideological way of living.

We then attempted to create a piece that reconciled these two kinds of societies, and their similar ideological promotion techniques, creating a poster – that could act as the beginning of a fictional campaign, of the city of Cardiff if it was to use the direct design and propaganda techniques of the communist Russian propagandists. Through the combination of imagery from a place of communism and capitalism we hoped to create an awareness of how the two societies work, and how all systems – although different in the way they manifest themselves – seem to have the same underlying intentions and patterns.


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