Eve – Auguste Rodin

Having visited a number of galleries, I have found myself considering the sculpure ‘Eve’ by Auguste Rodin (1881) as a starting point for this brief. I had intended to look for a contemporary piece to make reference to, however have found myself quite taken by this piece – engaging with a number of narratives and themes present within it. I find this to be a particularly striking and emotive sculpture, and like many of Rodins other pieces, it speaks quite loudly and personally into the midst of human experience, with its biblical narrative serving as a distinct point of reference for how the piece is read.
Another compelling element of this piece is its incompleteness, whilst sculpting ‘Eve’ Rodin was finding difficulty establishing the contours of the lower abdomen and pelvis region – later discovering this was because his model was pregnant. Although initially this served the nature of the sculpture quite well, the conditions of the studio were too difficult for the pregnant model and she stopped returning – rendering the sculpture incomplete. I see this as feeding significantly into the nature of the sculpture itself – its real life narrative lending itself quite appropriately into the expression of the human condition represented in this piece.


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