‘Regarding Rodin’

What I have found most interesting about the piece ‘Eve’ is the intensity of the emotion that Rodin captures – it speaks into vulnerability, shame and despair. Aside from its biblical narrative, it captures a state of such strong dejection and distress. The height at which the sculpture stands in the gallery brings it down to a human level, and offers a relate-able and recognisable  state of emotion.

Artist Rachel Kneebone responds to the work of Rodin, although not specific to the piece ‘Eve’, I have found her perspective and approach to be beneficial in bridging the gap between a contemporary context and the work of nineteenth century Rodin. Her work displayed alongside Rodin’s sculptures for a Brooklyn Museum exhibition ‘Regarding Rodin’  highlights the shared themes of both artists – themes core to the shared human experience such as the vitality of life and by contrast the grief of death and mourning.

Interview with Catherine Morris:


A selection of pieces from the ‘Regarding Rodin’ exhibition

A selection of other works by Rachel Kneebone


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