Ice and Ink

Last week we undertook an activity to respond to the chosen artwork of another member of our tutor group, Aislin responded to my piece with a wax representation. We then in turn responded to the response, the idea was to free us up and force us to limit our time – focusing our mind on the process of creating rather than getting too overwhelmed by the worry of what it is we are creating. I found this to be a very helpful exercise. The use of wax in Aislin’s response made me consider the use of a delicate and ephemeral material, my initial thoughts drew to ice. I thought about exploring an organic, ephemeral form such as ice in contrast to a mark making material such as ink. The exercise encouraged us to create, so I wasn’t to caught up in thoughts about its concept. But whilst creating these, I suppose sculptures, I meditated on its relevance to the notion of narrative that I am considering in my work. The organic material was activated by the introduction of the black ink, you could begin to see the detail of the ice, only through the visibility of the ink. I acted as the agent, activating the visibility but once my part had been played,the ice cubes took over and dictated the inks movement.

My intention is now to explore the use of video in this process.


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