Draw what you see

Interested in the way that we make sense of what we see, I have begun to explore interpretation and narrative application to random and formless sets of marks. I gave the same set of marks to a group of people to explore the different responses that would be generated.

I found it really interesting to see that similar themes and images began to emerge, and it became quite easy to group the drawings into different categories. I was also aware that as I returned to the original automated marks, I was consciously aware that I could see the images created by the participants of the exercise.

What I also found to be an unexpected, but really valuable element to the exercise, was the conversation that grew around it. At one particular time, I asked around 10 people to complete the exercise at the same time (my only rule was that they weren’t allowed to look at each other’s drawings – as I didn’t want the narratives to be influenced by others), after they had all created their images I found it really exciting to hear the reactions that people had to each others drawings. The participants began to look at one another’s drawings and were attempting to recognise how the other person found the images that they did.



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