Further experimentation with ice and ink

I have continued to experiment through the use of ice and ink. I am facing the challenge of thinking about how to document the existence of these pieces. I see them as quite sculptural in many ways, however they don’t exist this way for long and so although I find the actual process of watching the ice taking and directing the ink one of the strongest parts of this work – I’m not really able to show this directly. I’ve been continuing to photograph some further experiments with ice and ink. Aesthetically, I am pleased with how the use of photography captures the process – however the movement of the work is lost.

I am also really interested in this interplay between the ‘temporary’ and ‘permanent’ aspects of these works. And so I have begun to explore the marks that the ice and ink leaves on the surface it melts on. Both through the use of my intervention with the movement of the ice, and also allowing the sculptures to melt on their own.



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