Ephemeral Artworks

Whilst experimenting with ice and ink I have been considering the work of artists that also work with this notion of the ephemeral.

Andy Goldsworthy

Goldsworthy’s work is surrendered to environmental factors beyond his control. An interesting look at the contrast between an attempt to create and the futility of preserving the creation.

Anya Gallaccio

“A core aspect of her work is change and transformation. Both the ephemerality and site-specificity of all her work make it notoriously difficult to document. Gallaccio is careful to discard all the material related to an installation once it has closed and resists photographic documentation; in this sense her work is anti-monumental, unconcerned with a legacy outside the memories of those who witnessed it” – tate.org.uk

Richard Long

Long’s work explores this trace of an activity and its impact on an area of land. The activity is evidenced by the marks it makes, yet both the activity and the marks are short lived.


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