Flow and Mindfulness


During the ‘Tipping Point’ sessions, we have also been practicing mindfulness, something which I am finding to be particularly beneficial! During the sessions we are told to simply observe our natural breath, this is a good activity that encourages simple non-judgmental concentration. So far we have had two sessions and it is slowly starting to become easier to focus on just the breaths. I do find it quite difficult at times – and find my mind often starts to wonder. Today we practiced counting the breaths, that definitely helped to focus the mind and prevent it from straying as much! I also find that mindfulness at the beginning of the day is more effective for me than at the end, i think this is because at the end of the day I start to become tired and restless – and focusing is quite hard. In the morning I feel like the mindfulness refreshes me and puts me in  a really positive and receptive mindset for any activities that follow.


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