Size of Wales – A Briefing

During this live project, we will be working with the non-profit organisation Size of Wales.

On Tuesday, two team members from Size of Wales came in and briefed us on the background of their organisation, the challenges they face and some possible ways that we could support them as a creative team. Here is some of the information that I have taken from this briefing:


  • Size of Wales is a smaller non-profit organisation working with the issue of climate change- specifically deforestation.
  • The term ‘Size of Wales’ is often used as a negative measure when discussing the destruction of a forest area. One particular goal of the organisation is to turn this term into a positive measurement, helping to protect an area of rain-forest the size of Wales.
  • It aims to reach out with a positive message, to encourage people in Wales to engage with issues surrounding deforestation, as well as providing local empowerment and protection for communities living in areas of rain-forest in South America and Africa.
  • A focus of the organisation is education outreach, working particularly to encourage children in Wales to engage with these issues of deforestation occurring in South America and Africa.


  • Encouraging real changes in thinking and behaviours, rather than just short term engagement. Climate Change is such a large topic – the challenge is translating this into manageable changes in behaviour.
  • Trying to work against preconceptions of climate change charities, for example reaching out to audience’s such as middle aged office workers that may not engage fully with issues of climate change because of preconceptions and stereotypes. ‘Size of Wales’ wants to avoid being pigeon holed and stereotyped in this way.
  • Increase knowledge and awareness of specific issues, issues that we can quite directly have an impact on – for example, the link between palm oil and deforestation.
  • Demonstrate, in a way that engages, how the issue of deforestation in other parts of the world does impact our lives here in Wales. Enable people to make that connection between what is happening in other countries with what is happening here in Wales.



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