Tipping Point – An Introduction


The project ‘Tipping Point’ has been drawn from ideas found in Malcolm Gladwell’s book “The Tipping Point”, I really hope to read this in the duration of this field module. Our introduction to the project was a discussion drawing from the main themes of the book, particularly we focused on the comparison between the spreading of ideas and the spreading of a virus. Looking at how small changes can result in big effects, this is particularly true in our social media fixated society where the ‘contagion’ of trends and ideas is particularly apparent.

We looked at the main agents of change:

  • The law of the few
  • Stickiness factor
  • Power of context

And considered how understanding the conditions for change making, allows us to initiate a spread of new ideas.

I think its very encouraging to consider how big changes can occur through just a small number of people, planting ideas, writing them, performing and duplicating them. As a fine artist I have found this introduction has prompted me to really consider how outward I am being with my art-making. Often, as students we don’t think that our current ‘small’ voices can make much of a difference in the greater scheme of things, but what this project is encouraging us to consider is that in reality it actually only takes a small impact to create a big change! Additionally, our position as artists and designers give us a creative advantage that really provides us with a platform, allowing us to be agents for change.



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