Making Connections

For a tipping point to occur, something has to stick with people – REAL people. So today we clustered into groups putting forward some initial ideas and considering how these ideas could become realities. This involved thinking of people that we know personally that could be reached. Having a small group of realistically contactable people will enable a real change to be made, having real people in mind will also benefit our ability to connect any ideas personally. We would be able to relate any proposals more easily with  a real set of individuals in mind, rather than abstractly propose ideas to a faceless target audience.

As a group we were considering all the people we could reach that had an influence over children, new parents, grandparents, teaching staff etc. Considering the impact that children looking up to adults can have on the attitudes of children, for example those growing up understanding the implications of buying habits on deforestation would hopefully be more likely to see ethical shopping as a way of life rather than an inconvenient niggle at their conscience.

We considered those around us that were able to have a direct influence on the behaviour and attitudes of young children.


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