Creative Brief

Client / Client contact information:

Size of Wales
029 2125 2044


Size of Wales: Encouraging people of Wales to unite with communities in South America and Africa, to engage with and challenge the ongoing threat of deforestation and climate change.

Prepared by:

Rebecca Davies


Size of Wales is a smaller organisation raising awareness for climate change – specifically focused on the issue of deforestation. The organisation works primarily through forest protection, safeguarding an area of rainforest equivalent to the size of Wales across South America and Africa. A main focus for Size of Wales is education outreach within Wales, with the aim to communicate the importance of preservation with a positive and encouraging voice. They are particularly concerned with creating real changes and engagement in thinking and behaviour across Wales in response to climate change. As the “Field 5” creative team at Cardiff School of Art and Design, our goal within this project is to create resources that will enable Size of Wales to continue to encourage those within Wales to consider the need for a real engagement with the issue of deforestation


Primarily, the objective of this project is to create a real response in the attitudes and behaviours of people in Wales, educating them on the empowerment and positive change that Size of Wales aims to bring to those communities affected by deforestation. Our focus is to create a sense of unity between our audience and the communities in South America and Africa that Size of Wales works with – aiming to challenge preconceptions that our audience may have surrounding climate change organisations, and instead helping them to relate personally to the values of Size of Wales.

Target audience

The organisation currently works quite closely with schools, and so our main focus will be to continue to target the audience available within a school context. This includes both children and teachers, children are an easily accessible and captive audience and their progression in engagement can be monitored. They also demonstrate a willingness to engage with issues highlighted to them by visiting organisations to the school, however what ought to be considered is the lasting enthusiasm held by teachers and children in response to anything presented by Size of Wales to a school. Particularly, the importance of the staff members of the school should be considered – if the staff members are willing to relate personally, as opposed to merely professionally as teachers, to the work of Size of Wales then the positive engagement will continue to expand outside of a school context. Encouraging the change of attitudes in children will also impact those to whom the children are able to discuss their enthusiasms with, encouraging a shared interest between the children and their care-givers. As well as exploring how children can impact the attitudes of adults, the personal attitudes of influential adults is also a key aspect to consider. Adults caring for a child are in a position of influence, and so if they are passionate and personally engaged with the work of Size of Wales and participate in behaviours supporting the preservation of rainforests, then this will encourage the children in their care to adopt a similar attitude.

What’s the most important thing to say or show?

We want to show that with a real change in attitude and behaviour towards climate change and deforestation, we can make a real change in the way that forest preservation and climate change is tackled. We can be united with communities across the world in this preservation effort, it is not something that we are unable in Wales to have an influence over.

What are the most compelling reasons to believe, to try, to buy in?

Deforestation is not an issue that is separate from life here in Wales, it is important that we encourage a real relationship between people here in Wales and people in communities threatened directly by deforestation. An engagement with climate change is not something excusive to certain groups or organisations, but something that we can all participate in – with education and outreach we can begin to help people to understand how they can personally engage with behaviours that can benefit both a wider outlook, and specifically the communities affected directly by deforestation in South America and Africa. The preservation of rainforests is key to tackling the larger issue of climate change – and although it may be easy to distance ourselves from engagement with the deforestation occurring elsewhere in the world, it is difficult to distance ourselves from climate change which reaches our doorsteps here in Wales. It is important that we in Wales are able to make this link between deforestation in communities across the globe, and the climate change that impacts us in Wales. This can only occur if audiences are provided with the information and opportunities to engage with the activities undertaken by organisations such as Size of Wales, and audiences are only able to engage with these activities through the extensive outreach that this project seeks to enable.







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