Developing Concepts and Ideas

I have decided to move away from the initial cluster groups, and am working with Rebekah from Artist Designer: Maker – as we were able to recognise similarities in the aims that we have for the project.

Our particular focus is to reach children, and reach them in a way that actually will impact their values, and therefore behaviour and attitudes towards issues relating to deforestation. Our concern was not necessarily to address deforestation and climate change directly, but we are more focused on underlying attitudes. We are interested in what we can do to create a real sense of empathy and connection between communities here in Wales, and communities that Size of Wales works with across South America and Africa. Often when we hear of issues directly affecting people across the globe – we engage with it for a short while, but real changes can only be made with a real shift in attitude, turning apathy into empathy.

So that is our concern.

How do we breakdown the distance barrier between Wales, South America and Africa?
How do we create a real change in attitudes?
How do we help people to appreciate environment’s far away from their own?
How do we encourage people to care about and value the beauty of environments that they have never been to?



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