Our Idea.

Our challenge: 

To create a sense of unity and empathy between communities in Wales and communities in South America and Africa – particularly focused on working with schoolchildren in these communities.

How we are approaching this challenge:

We are looking to create a character or mascot that can act as a shared ’emblem’ between these different communities. The mascot will be used to create a fun and recognisable link between the schools that Size of Wales works with.
Using this mascot, we will then set up a shared activity that these schoolchildren can get involved in. The children will be invited to take the mascot to their favourite outdoor place and take a picture of themselves and the mascot or just the mascot in that place. An online platform will be developed, as well as the use of social media, to share these photographs. The children involved will be able to share their own experience of their favourite places and also get to see the favourite places of other children across the world. The mascot will act as a link between all of these photographs, and will allow the children to explore the multiple places it has been.


We hope that encouraging children to share the places that they value, with one another will introduce an engagement with places otherwise unknown to them. Understanding and seeing the importance of places across the world to those that live there, linking this with their own experience of valuing their own landscape, will allow for a greater level of empathy. Hopefully, this greater level of empathy and engagement with other communities will translate into a greater understanding of the need to be aware of how our lifestyle habits affect the whole world, and the need to support one another as a global community.


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