Mindfulness progression and Sustainability Report

I have felt that the mindfulness sessions that we are having alongside this project are really beneficial to my overall work ethic and self sustainability.

The mindfulness sessions are allowing me to work with quite a clear and positive mindset, I have found it helpful to be able to set time aside to focus on simply the breath. It allows for any stresses relating to the project to dissipate.
I have found it hard at times, particularly when I have a lot of things rushing round my head. But the guided nature of it does make it easier to learn how to switch these things off.

I feel a lot more calmer and receptive following these mindfulness sessions. And have found that this has helped with the group work we have being doing. Feeling more receptive has enabled me to engage more with the ideas of others.  Often with projects such as these, it can be easy to separate your own group off from others – and even within your own group, it can become tempting to push forward your own ideas without allowing any other influences to shape them. I don’t feel that this has been the case during this project. I feel personally, that throughout this project – with mindfulness playing a key part – I have been able to open up a lot more to the natural flow of ideas, how they interact with the ideas of others, and how this interaction begins to naturally form into a clearer and more finalised outcome.

In relation to self and peer sustainability, the smaller amount of stress presented by the project allows for a much healthier way of working. A few brief notes of how I have felt I have been able to sustain myself and others throughout the project:

Sustainability of self

  • Allowing myself to take regular breaks, be that through mindfulness or just spending time away from the work for a short while
  • Spending time discussing or seeking advice on obstacles preventing progression, practically working through any problems with the support of others – rather than just focusing on and worrying about them
  • Being able to recognise that although outcome is important, we should allow ourselves to embrace and enjoy the natural progression and process of exploring ideas
  • Having an open mind towards other ways of working, alternative ways of working e.g. working with more of a structure. Reminding myself not to cling so tightly onto ways that I am used to working, so that I may embrace new ways with a lot more enjoyment. Understanding how this allows me learn and grow as a working individual.
  • Listening to the advice and concerns of the client, ensuring that our intentions are informed so that we are able to drive ideas forward with a lot more clarity.

Sustainability of others

  • Openly acknowledging the strengths that other people have, encouraging them to use these strengths as part of the wider progression of ideas.
  • Using our own strengths to support other people.
  • Ensuring that we really do listen to each other, give each other our time, attention and engagement – making suggestions and encouraging other people as they share ideas.
  •  Allowing ourselves to explore and be more open to one another’s ideas enables us to feel valued and part of a constructive team.
  • Taking time to talk to and get to know one another outside the timetabled discussions as well as within them.
  • Openly communicating with tutors and team members, so that we understand one another’s ideas and intentions
  • Equally sharing work load within teams.
  • Open communication with the clients, ensuring that they feel involved and listened to throughout the process. Their concerns becoming our concerns.



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