Our Preliminary Pitch

Today we had the opportunity to pitch our developing ideas to our clients, and get their feedback. This was very helpful! And has given us some great motivation to continue with the processing of these ideas.

Overall it went incredibly well. They were very interested in the idea that we proposed, and confirmed that it fitted well with their aims and values as an organisation.
This was a very important part of the pitch for us, as we wanted to ensure that we were as fully engaged as we could be with their concerns and needs as an organisation. Particularly important to us has been to recognise what was said by the organisation following their initial briefing -we have been focusing largely on their positive approach to tackling climate change, and their aim to empower individuals and communities across the world rather than just offer distant and intrusive ‘Western help’. They affirmed that what we are proposing with our idea furthers this positive, encouraging and empowering message.

Following the pitch we now have several things to consider and move forward with:

  • Continue to develop the character. They preferred the seed shape to the ‘sprouting’ shapes. We discussed the sort of seed shape we could make reference to, and they told us that a lot of the plantation work they do is with Pistachio trees, and suggested we might consider this as a possible seed to base our mascot on.
  • Sow? They liked the name, but did draw our attention to the possibility of the word being read as ‘sow’, a female pig. We hadn’t considered this and so will look into how this could be resolved.

sow (1)

  • Be aware of staff limitations. The limited staffing was brought to our attention by Size of Wales, they explained that any ideas put forward would have to be a feasible project that did not require too much man power. However, we also discussed that our proposal actually fitted quite well with the work they already do with schools and partnering schools across Wales, South America and Africa.
  • Templates are the way forward. We discussed the possibility of distributing templates that the schools could work from to create the mascot, rather than just giving out pre-made mascots (this would require a certain level of production). They confirmed that it would be a lot easier and more doable for them to have copies of templates that could be kept and given to the schools, allowing the schools to make and customise their own mascot.



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