Untitled-1Within our tutorial with Wendy today, we discussed what simple concept could be brought out of our whole project. A simple and direct concept that could be used to summarize what it was we wanted to do, and act as a tagline for our campaign.

I talked a little bit about our main aim being to create empathy and share appreciation of our own personal communities so that we might learn to value wider communities. But it was pointed out that this was a very broad and quite abstract concept – and that if we were going to make this a campaign with ‘the stickiness’ factor then we needed to strip back our intentions to their simplest form, and build from there.

I found this quite difficult, I recognise that often it becomes easy to keep developing ideas into quite complex forms and often begin to over complicate it. This is something that I do often with my work, and so this was a really helpful chance to explore the need to strip back ideas to their simplest intentions.

We have been considering viral trends throughout this project and it has been worth considering how these can start from the smallest prompt or idea, set in the right context. In my mind, I liken this to a small snowball that once pushed – in the necessary conditions – starts to grow and grow beyond the control of the pusher. So, with this in mind when approaching the project it is helpful to consider that it is myself and Bex’s role to simply put an idea out there and watch how it develops and where it is taken.

During our discussion, with Wendy encouraging us to think of the simplest way we could express our intentions, Bex began to speak about how what we really want to do is help people to capture the beauty of the places they value. The phrase ‘capture the beauty’ began to resonate quite well with us – and was a pretty succinct and memorable way to express what our project is all about.We have looked to translate this into multiple languages to emphasize the importance of the importance that our work carries across multiple contexts.


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