Key thoughts on Postmodernism

To inform my practice I have been researching into ‘post-modernity’, linking this to my interest in the effect that removing meta-narratives has on a society. Postmodernism is a key movement in this investigation as it is characterized primarily by the rejection of grand narratives, or meta-narratives.
Here, I will highlight some of the key readings that I have found to be influential to my practice.

Movements in Modern Art – Postmodern
Eleanor Heartney
This book offers and introduction in to some of the characteristics of Postmodernism

  • Parasitic
  • Cannibalistic
  • Symbiotic
  • Revolutionary

“Characterised variously as ‘an incredulity toward metanarratives’, ‘a crisis of cultural authority’ and ‘the shift from production to reproduction'”

“With the real world upon which such representation once rested yanked from under us, we find ourselves tumbling down the postmodern rabbit hole:

  • Artworks reborn as texts
  • History exposed as myth
  • The author dies
  • Reality is repudiated as an outmoded convention
  • Language rules
  • Ideology masquerades as truth

The result is an experience of the world that occurs solely in the present tense – analogous to the act of repeating the same word over and over until it becomes strange and abstract”

The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge 
Jean-François Lyotard

“Simplifying to the extreme, I define postmodern as incredulity toward metanarratives.”

“In contemporary society and culture — postindustrial society, postmodern culture — … the grand narrative has lost its credibility, regardless of what mode of unification it uses, regardless of whether it is a speculative narrative or a narrative of emancipation. ”





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