5 Years Time.

We have looked at the use of story and narrative in our projects and were given the challenge to come up with a story of what could happen in 5 years time if our project was a success, and created the tipping point we want to initiate. We discussed the importance of stories in general and how sharing our own stories with one another can open up a greater acceptance of each other. Acknowledging the importance of stories is central to our intentions in this project, as essentially as a group, what we want to do is to encourage and provide an opportunity for children across widespread communities to share their own stories of their favourite places. I have found this to be a really helpful exercise in gaining clarity on what it is we would love to achieve for the organisation, and for the wider issue of climate change and deforestation. It was also a really fun and creative exercise that allowed me to be playful with ideas of narrative.

I wrote the story and thought about how the introduction of Sow and the process of the project unfolding in a real setting would actually look, and then briefly explored how this would translate into a real change in behavior amongst those children reached. I then gave this story to Bex and she developed this into a set of visuals, which illustrated the story.

Below is a link to the story.

Sow story




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