Image and Text Montages

I have been exploring the development of ‘chance’ text and image combinations, the below images are created from a bag of text and images that I draw from a bag of cutups at random. Some of these have been assembled completely blindly, others have been pulled out blindly but assembled by sight.

I am interested in the way that the images and text in the montages above, sit together quite awkwardly  – out of context and unable to fit together into any sort of comprehensive way. Each element of each piece sits out of its original context, and although the separate elements are independently identifiable – they do not work together to give any sort of cohesive narrative.

I am unsure as to whether or not these collage pieces are successful artworks in and of themselves, and so I have also been working from them through drawing and painting. To experiment with how to create a more engaging body of work, with perhaps a bit more aesthetic consideration and thought into how I can make the connection between the work and the concept a bit more explicit.


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