Environmentally Friendly Practice

I am trying to ensure that the values of Size of Wales and of the Tipping Point are in the forefront of my mind whilst approaching my creative practice. This is taking shape in small ways, for example I have become a lot more aware of the materials I am using to create work. Particularly the mascot work we are doing, Bex and I have been very conscious of where it is we are sourcing the materials that we will use to make ‘Sow’ – ensuring that we buy material from charity shops or use what we already have to create the character. 
We are trying to ensure simple changes such as an awareness of the amount of paper we are using when presenting or developing ideas, using recycled papers when possible and doing our best to ensure no paper is wasted. The issue of waste has been important for us to consider throughout this process, again whilst creating the mascot we will try our best not to waste or throw away any materials that we do use.
Being aware and conscious on how we approach our creative practice is allowing me to become a lot more responsible about how I am using materials. This is something that I will continue to carry through into my future practice as an art student. 


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