Process of making Sow

The process of making an initial prototype has begun, I am struggling at this stage as I have very little skill in the area of sewing or making 3D objects. I was able to provide a lot of the tools and hunted around for recycled material that we could use to make Sow out of. I then handed the making side over to Bex, who is much more competent in this area!!

In fact, to illustrate the differences between our 3D work ability here is a  quick glimpse into the start of the progress. I really wanted to be an active part of the making, as I wanted to make sure we shared responsibilities equally, and so I suggested that I create a guide for Bex to make the mascot from, and then she could continue and work from what I had made. I began working on the template and had great difficulties picturing how it could be made, how the shapes would fit together and what the shapes even needed to be. It spent around 2 hours and still couldn’t figure it out. I then spoke to Bex, within 30 seconds she was able to tell me what shape it needed to be and how it could fit together. The decision was pretty clear as to who the mascot making would be ascribed to.

Here are some images from this process. Following the making of the mascot, I created some templates (I could figure it out that way round) – the templates act as an easy way to allow each school to create and customise their own Sow.


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