Tipping Point?

It is helpful to consider how our idea sits in relation to the 3 agents highlighted by Gladwell as necessary in creating a tipping point.

The Law of the Few 

As well as being able to include myself and Bex under this, I can also recognise that the people that we are hoping to reach out to with this project will also act as the few that are needed to carry the intentions of the project forward. Size of Wales are able to easily access schoolchildren, we can recognise schools and partner schools across communities in Wales, South America and Africa that can be reached by the organisation quite effectively. By reaching out to these young people we hope to encourage a behaviour change, both in them and anyone that they need the support of to implement changes. We hope that by changing the way individuals feel towards other communities far from their own, it will create a passion and a care that will spread.

The Stickiness Factor

Our stickiness factor is the pride that individuals have in the places they love and the want to share what they are proud of with others. I also think that this project idea would stick as it creates an opportunity for people to engage with new, exciting places and also themselves become ambassadors for their own loved places, that they can then share with lots of other people around the world. We also hope that the character of Sow in itself would become part of what will make this idea stick, if we can get people relating to and engaged with the character in some way – then this will hopefully encourage people to sustain an interest and relationship with the project.

The Power of Context

It was important for us, from the beginning, to find an idea that was able to fit into and travel across multiple contexts. We hope that the idea that we have proposed is able to achieve this. The nature of the idea, pride and appreciation of your environment, is something that I think is able to reach into many different contexts. Considering the idea within the immediate context to us, in the West and more specifically Wales we can see how the use of social media can play a large part in the unfolding of this idea. In a society of viral trends and online sharing, we have a very helpful platform from which we can launch this project.


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