Entering into the public realm – SITE

I have been developing chance pieces of text and photo-montage for the subject brief, generating meaningless and nonsensical works. Through the SITE project ‘Do it yourself’ I have been exploring places around campus where I could possibly look to bring this work into the public realm.

When exploring around campus I quite quickly began thinking about the places that contain quite intense amount of written or visual information intended to convey a message or act as a form of communication. For example, places such as notice boards, magazine racks and the library.

I thought it would be interesting to play around with the contrast between information and non information. To explore how pieces of non information, with no intentional meaning, would sit in a space specifically designed with a purpose of conveying intentional and specific messages or news.

Here are some examples of the work that I wanted to display

And here are photographs of the works within the spaces.

I am also quite intrigued as to how the collages I have made would be received by anyone who came across them in that space, how they would try to make sense or understand the works. I am interested in that process of trying to work out whether or not the information they are seeing has any possible message or information to communicate, why it is there at all and seeking to make sense of what is written or what is shown.


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